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  Environmental Monitoring Service of IMD  
The Environmental Meteorology Unit of IMD was set up at New Delhi under an agency scheme of the Ministry of Environment & Forests. It provides specific services to this Ministry and other Government agencies for the assessment of pollution impacts from various industries and thermal power plants. Atmospheric dispersion models are employed for prediction of air quality, under different terrain and meteorological conditions. These studies facilitate decisions regarding siting of industries and adoption of control strategies.

This Unit also operates a meteorological observatory in the vicinity of the Taj Mahal at Agra. The data is provided to MoEF along with appropriate interpretations so that abatement measures can be planned. The scope of this activity is likely to expand in future by inclusion of a larger region in the studies.

Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network (BAPMoN)

With a view to documenting the long term changes in composition of trace species of the atmosphere as a result of changing land use pattern, WMO had commissioned a global programme called Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network (BAPMoN) which is now a part of the Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) Programme. India had set up 10 such BAPMon stations.

At these stations, rain water samples are collected every month and these are sent to the Central Chemical Laboratory at Pune for complete chemical analysis. Acidity of rain and mineral deposition is determined from these.

Atmospheric turbidity which indicates the columnar aerosol load of the atmosphere, is also measured at these stations using sunphotmeters. These data are important for identifying the current levels of pollution as well as for study of the long term trends in the concentration of trace constituents of the atmosphere which may affect the environment and induce a climate change.

To study the impact of industrialisation, urbanisation and terrain modification on micro-climatological features of urban areas, urban climatological studies are carried out in metropolitan cities.

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