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  Quarterly Research Journal "MAUSAM"  
The India Meteorological Department publishes a quarterly research journal 'MAUSAM' (formerly Indian Journal of Meteorology, Hydrology & Geophysics) since January 1950.

The first issue named as 'Indian Journal of Meteorology & Geophysics' was brought out in January 1950 under the leadership of Dr. S.K. Banerjee, the then Director General of India Meteorological Department. Twenty five years later in 1975, it became the 'Indian Journal of Meteorology, Hydrology & Geophysics'. Further in 1979 it was re-named as 'MAUSAM'. It is being published regularly since its inception. It is the only scientific research journal published in this part of the world in the field of Meteorology and allied subjects and commands a prestigious position among the leading contemporary scientific journals. The four issues appear in January, April July & October. Besides the regular issues, Fifteen Special issues on burning topics are also brought out from time to time.

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